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truck tyres tipperary tyres
truck tyres tipperary tyres

Truck Tyre Basics

Thread Depth

The following requirements are law in the majority of European countries:

  • Pneumatic tyres on trucks and trailers have to feature tread grooves or sipes round their entire circumference and over the whole width of the tread area.
  • The main grooves on truck tyres have to have a tread depth of at least 1 mm, 1.6 mm or 2 mm, depending on the law in each country. The limit in the Ireland is 1.6mm.
  • The depth of the tread pattern is to be measured in the grooves or sipes; bridge-like protrusions or reinforcements in the tread base should be ignored in this context.
  • On tyres with wear indicators (TWI = Tread Wear Indicators), the tread depth should be measured in the grooves where the wear indicators are located.




Tyre Inflation

One of the most important causes of excessive tyre wear and damage is incorrect tyre pressure.

Service manuals produced by the vehicle manufacturers and technical documentation from the tyre manufacturers provide information about correct tyre pressure. These values apply without exception to the cold tyre, as the inner pressure of the tyre increases in operation.

Tyre pressure should be checked every 2 weeks, at the latest every 4, on the cold tyre. Spare tyres must also be checked.

Under inflation leads to:

  • increased flexing, which makes the tyre overheat and may cause tyre failure;
  • increased wear = shorter service life;
  • higher rolling resistance and subsequently increased fuel consumption;
  • irregular wear

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