According to the AA, Battery faults are the most common cause of breakdown. 

Battery problems can be avoided, here are a few simple tips you can follow to reduce the chance of your battery letting you down;


If the battery is more than five years old and there's any sign of it struggling to start the car, get it replaced. Some will struggle on for a bit but many won't. It's much better done at your convenience than as a roadside emergency.


Check that everything electrical is turned off when you park up – even an interior light, boot light, or radio left on overnight can kill a battery when it's cold.

Give the Battery a Chance

Switch off everything electrical and dip the clutch to reduce the load on the battery when you start a cold car.

Need a new battery?

At Clarkes Tyres, we will test and replace your old battery if necessary. Battery charging is also available.

We stock a wide range of batteries to suit applications such as cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and agri & plant machinery.

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car batteries tipperary tyres
car batteries tipperary tyres